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J-1 国际 Scholars

LSUS hosts international visiting scholars under the J-1 Visa designation. J-1 visiting scholars (professors, terminal degree holding 研究ers, and subject experts) will provide an added educational, 研究, and cultural experience for our students. J-1 visiting scholars are work and study based exchange visitors that facilitate the exchange of ideas and 研究 in a variety of fields. Foreign scholars gain by exposure to our faculty and programs. The J-1 scholar can be a paid or a gratis position. Most scholars have funding from their home country, university, or are self-funded.

LSUS typically hosts the following types of  J-1 Exchange Visitors:

  1. Professor and Research Scholar: Scholars in this category may be invited to collaborate in 研究 projects, to teach courses in non-tenured or non-tenure track positions, or to give lectures or seminars.  Masters or PhD required. They may come for visits of up to five years.
  2. Short Term Scholar: The short term scholar category is suitable for scholars coming to lecture, 观察, 咨询, and participate in seminars, 研讨会, 或会议, and who will definitely leave the United States within six months.  No extensions are allowed.
  3. Specialist: This category is appropriate for visitors coming for visits of up to one year to 咨询, 观察, or demonstrate specialized knowledge or skills in which they are experts.

LSUS faculty interested in hosting a J-1 scholar should contact 赞助的研究.

国际 scholars should contact potential departments or facutly members to express interest in an visit.

For more information about the J-1 Visa visit http://j1visa.state.gov/basics/

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