The intent of the 政策手册 is to prepare a single collection of official written policies of the University. It cannot be exhaustive on a particular subject, but it does approach a comprehensive expression of a need to document the University's purpose and governing constraints.

1.01.01 政策手册
1.02.01 Use of University Funds For Entertainment
1.03.04 应急通讯计划
1.05.02 Use of University Facilities and Premises
1.06.01 Use of Health and Physical Education Building, Tennis Courts and Athletic Fields
1.07.01 校园筹款
1.07.03 Solicitation and Receipt of Gifts
1.08.02 规划与评估
1.09.01 Evaluation of 政府 and Administrative Services
1.12.00 Procedure for Raising and Lowering the United States Flag
1.13.01 行政任命
1.14.00 Establishment of Naming Opportunities for Buildings and Portions Thereof Specific Gift Naming Opportunities
1.15.03 杰出服务奖
1.16.00 Unclassified, Fiscal Employees: Certification of Work
1.17.04 电脑存取及使用
1.18.00 LSUS World Wide Web Publication Policy
1.19.00 职场暴力
1.20.00 Return to Work Policy for Workers on Worker's Compensation
1.21.00 记录及档案
1.22.00 运动委员会
1.23.00 计划委员会
1.24.00 Americans with Disabilities Act
2.01.06 Faculty Promotion, Tenure and Retention
2.02.01 Environmental Control in the Classroom
2.03.02 研究
2.04.03 Evaluation of Instruction by Students
2.05.02 Public Service and 继续教育 Programs
2.06.00 图书馆流通
2.07.05 Faculty 研究 and Development Grants
2.08.03 Evaluation of Academic 政府
2.09.00 Policies and Procedures For Dealing With Allegations of Misconduct in Science (研究 Fraud)
2.10.01 研究, Grants Inducement Funds, and Indirect Cost Redistribution
2.11.02 部门的椅子
2.12.00 Procedures for Awarding Honorary Degrees at LSU-S
2.13.00 Allocation from Salary Savings from University Grants and Contracts
2.14.01 LSUS性骚扰政策
2.15.01 教员申诉程序
2.16.01 教师招聘
2.17.01 政府 of Endowed Programs
2.18.01 教师评审与发展
2.19.02 教员正当程序
2.21.01 学习一周
2.22.00 追授学位
2.23.00 学生出勤率
2.24.01 实质性改变政策
2.25.01 项目取消
2.26.02 Undergraduate Academic Program Coordinators
2.27.00 教师证书
2.28.01 研究生项目主任
2.29.00  学时的定义
2.30.00 Financial Conflicts of Interest in 研究
2.31.01 院校检讨委员会
2.32.00 杰出教师奖
2.33.04 Guidelines for LSUS Faculty Compensation
2.34.00 Representation of LSUS to Accrediting Agencies and Notification of Accreditation Status Changes




3.01.01 裙带关系
3.02.02 Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity
3.03.00 Grievance Procedures for Classified and Unclassified Staff
3.04.01 离开的指导方针
Part One: Academic and Unclassified Employees
3.05.01 处理人事行动
3.06.02 Mandatory Retirement of Academic and Nonacademic Employees and Employment of Retired Personnel
3.07.02 Traffic Regulations and Parking and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee
3.09.01 Serving and Consumption of Food and Beverages on LSU in Shreveport Campus
3.10.00 Exception to PM-8 Requiring Full-time Enrollment for 学生就业
3.11.02 退还学杂费
3.12.00 Endowments -- Reinvestments in the Future
3.13.00 Purchase of Computers and Similar Technology with University-Wide Funds
3.15.00 学生就业
3.17.00 超额付款的补偿
3.18.01 Database Security Breach Notification
3.19.00 入职前筛选
3.20.01 Rewards and Recognition Certification Program
3.21.01 电邮政策声明
3.22.00 Identity Theft Prevention Program
3.23.00 手机政策
3.24.00 Annual Ethics Training for all Full Time and Part Time Employees
3.25.00 Insurance Requirements for Facility Usage
3.26.00 工作人员工作表现评估
3.27.01 无烟校园
3.28.00 Guidelines for Reimbursement of Expenses for Prospective Students with Special Talents
3.29.00 Sponsorship of 国际 Employees
3.30.00 VPN可接受使用策略
3.31.00 Financial Holds on Student Accounts with Past Due Balances
3.32.00 Serving, Possessing, and Consuming of Alcoholic Beverages
3.33.00 母乳喂养政策
3.34.00 现金处理政策
3.35.00 大学动物政策
3.36.00 Staff Senate Support Scholarship
4.04.02 残疾学生
4.06.00 学生学费豁免截止日期
4.10.00 学生组织
4.11.01 与学生交流
4.13.02 Speech and Demonstration Regulations
4.14.01 学生威胁评估小组
4.15.00 Missing Residential Student Policy and Procedures
4.17.01 学生抱怨
5.00.01 Internal and External Communications
6.01.03 一般的安全
6.02.03 Drug-Free Workplace and Drug Testing Policy, etc.
6.03.01 财产 Control and Purchasing
6.04.00 检查政策
6.05.00 相扑协会
6.06.03 血源性病原体
6.07.01 急救
6.08.02 Hazard Communication and Chemical Safety Program
6.10.00 债券、犯罪、 & 财产
6.11.00 键控制
6.12.00 设备管理
6.13.00 授权司机计划
6.14.00 锅炉项目
6.15.00 电梯的政策
6.16.00 密闭空间
6.17.00 水上船舶安全
6.18.00 锁定/标记程序
7.01.00 Guidelines for Refund for Tuition Assistance for Military Personnel
7.02.00 政府 of Student 奖学金 and Exemptions
7.03.00 犯罪历史政策
7.04.00 Awarding of LSUS 奖学金 to Entering Freshman and 转移 Students
7.05.00 Access and Release of Student Records
7.06.00 学生免疫纪录
7.07.00 远程学习
7.08.00 Verification of Student Identity in Distance Education
7.09.00 教育档案私隐